Thursday, July 30, 2015

KJ-TV Anime/Korean Drama

Hello and thanks for reading another week of KJ-Tv. This week we bring you a anime and a korean drama review, so lets gets started on today's KJ-Tv!

Death Parade
Director: Yuzuru Tachikawa
Genre: Mystery,
Thriller, Psychological,Drama
English License: Funimation
Episodes: 12
Original Run:January 9, 2015-March 27, 2015
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Synopsis: After death, humans are either sent to the void or reincarnated. But for some, at the instant of their death, they arrive at Quindecim, a bar attended by the mysterious white-haired Decim. He challenges them to the Death Game, wherein they wager their lives and reveal their true natures. Decim himself is the ultimate arbitrator of who wins and who loses, who will go to the void, and who will be reincarnated.

Review: Oh Death Parade, you and your many challenges that strike fear and joy into every bar customer hearts. Death Parade really makes you feel like you can't trust anyone in your life not even the ones you love or the one that seem like decent hard working people. Along the anime we see that some of the methods that he, decim uses are so gruesome and fear inducing that it does nothing but take out the worst in anyone's heart. This is what really makes the anime the feeling of what you would do in that situation, what you would do if you awakened in a bar and you were told you have to play for your life, and were pushed to your extreme. I give this anime 10 points in my book for being original and digging into all my emotions a sure watch and a recommendation.
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Genre: Romance, Comedy, Mockumentary
Episodes: 13
Original Run: May 15, 2015-June 20, 2015
Acting: ★★★★
Cast: Cha Tae-hyu, Gong Hyo-jin, Kim Soo-hyun, IU
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Synopsis: A cheeky workplace romantic comedy, The Producers centers around, aptly, the producers working in KBS's variety department, featuring a bevy of cameo appearances from stars and a cascade of tongue-in-cheek references to showbiz, celebrities, and industry practices. Kim Soo-hyun continues his hot streak of hit projects as the bumbling rookie producer who's book-smart and street-stupid, while Cha Tae-hyun is his jaded veteran PD sunbae. Gong Hyo-jin plays a veteran PD whose prickly outer shell hides a softer inner marshmallow, and IU rounds out the cast as the haughty Kpop superstar. Shows are produced, mistakes are made, and people fall in love multiple times over.  
Review: Okay I'd be lying if I said I didn't watch this drama because of the star-studded cast and cameos because I did. I'm sorry to say that not even Gong Hyo-Jin the Rom-con queen could save this disaster! Producer seems like a jumble of no story, no protagonist, no real love, but that of the side characters which made me enjoy the drama more than the mains. What did keep me dragging along this boring drama is Cindy (iu) and my love for Gong Hyo-Jin. Cindy's story is what made me want to cry like a baby I loved her story and really wish this drama would have focused on her. Her story was so heart wrenching that it just tore me apart. If you want to drag in order to see just her beautiful story go ahead it's worth it, but I really wouldn't recommend this to anyone and I feel like this is my first ever review where I tell you to stay away for your own good.

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