Thursday, February 8, 2018

Poets Pass

Book Review

Poets Pass (Coal Country Series Book 3)

Title: Poets Pass
Author: Hillary Devisser
Date Published: February 8, 2018
Genre: Romance
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Dr. Avery O'Gara is a psychiatrist who doesn't trust men any further than she can throw them. She prefers her boundaries high and her trysts without emotional ties. She likes her privacy and values her independence above all else. Avery's home in the country is her sanctuary, her escape from the emotional overload of her job. Her sense of peace is destroyed, beginning with the appearance of muddy boot prints outside her window. 

Recently divorced, Officer Jake Marcovic needs a change of scenery. He leaves Chicago and his manipulative ex-wife behind for family and a much slower pace of living. Relocating back to his rural roots, he sees women as money-hungry opportunists and avoids commitment like the plague. His focus is on establishing himself in his once-familiar community and enjoying the women who appreciate a man in uniform. 

When high walls are built up to protect hearts, what happens when they come crashing down?

My Thoughts:

I was sent an arc by the author in exchange for an honest review.

I really enjoyed Poets Pass, I wasn't aware that it was the third book in a series, but that did not affect my reading experience since it read as a standalone. I'm excited to read the previous two books and see what they are all about. This novel was so much more than just a romance, it had drama. action, and suspense there was some chapters that had me at the edge of my seat, I could not put it down! The author kept me intrigued with all the twists and turns. 

Avery had a rough start at life, her mother cared more about pleasing men than taking her of her; when she turned fifteen she decided to run away and live with her grandmother. The things Avery went through have made her put walls up and mostly keep to herself. She doesn't trust men, she prefers to have flings with no emotions involved. I really liked Avery, she was a very strong, independent woman that held up her on, but the author also made sure to show her flaws and fears in the raw moments, that made her relatable! Avery's character growth is slow, but done very well she goes from not feeling comfortable around anyone to being able to share her past with her new friends.

Officer Jake just went through a messy divorce, he has left Chicago. his crazy ex-wife, and moved back to his hometown. Jake was such a hunk, I really liked reading how he slowly put his walls down and allowed himself to show his emotions! The relationship he has with his mom, sister and family is admirable; I love families that get along, without the drama. I really liked how he was protective, but knew when to back off and let Avery take care of herself.

I really hope there is another book in this series, I really want to read more about a certain pair. one thing that kept me from giving it five stars was that there were so many characters at times that when they were brought up again, I could not remember who was who. Other than that the novel was very enjoyable and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a romance!