Friday, July 3, 2015


Author: Yoshike Tonagi
English Publisher: Yen Press
Volumes: 2 Omnibus Edition
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Art: 3.5/5
Story: 7/10
Overall Score: 8/10

Hello, welcome to this weeks Otaku Friday! On today's Otaku Friday we will review a unpopular but great manga called "Doubt". Doubt is a 4 volume Mystery/horror manga written and illustrated By. Yoshiki Tonogai. If your into the less graphic horror genre this is for you keep reading to find out more!

So, What's It about?
     Doubt revolves around a fictional cell phone game called "Rabbit Doubt", in which the players are rabbits in a colony; one of the players is randomly chosen to act as a wolf infiltrating the group. Each round, the rabbits guess which is the wolf as the rabbits are eaten one-by-one until only the wolf is left.
In the story, four players of the "Rabbit Doubt" game Yū Aikawa, Eiji Hoshi, Haruka Akechi, Rei Hazama and a non-player Mitsuki Hōyama meet to relax together. They are knocked unconscious and awaken in an abandoned psychiatric hospital to meet Hajime Komaba and discover Rei hanged. The group find Rei's cell phone and realize that they're playing a real-life game of "Rabbit Doubt". To survive, the wolf, described as the liar, must die.
     * I found this story to be a little similar to "SAW" which if you haven't watched is an American horror film where a group of people are put into a room and together they have to figure out how to escape. This manga isn't exactly the same as saw, but does have many similarities. The twist and turns in this series had me guessing who the rabbit was and kept me doubting every character.  If your a horror fan then is a great pick up, and since it is a short story its a quick and good read.

Review me!
     Although I did enjoy reading this I found the story a little over played and not anything very original. The characters, being a short story didn't have any character growth and you also got your average manga characters, the thug, the innocent sweet girl, The "hot" girl, etc. I'm probably being a little harsh and making it seem unappealing, but it does keep you interested. What really saves this series is the twist and turns, Soon you even start to doubt the protagonist, and that is what makes this story a gem among rocks. The art was light and didn't have anything very gruesome which is great for some readers, but not the greatest thing for others. Yoshinki put a great train of thought into the overall story which you will see if you pick this little gem up.

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