Saturday, August 1, 2015

One Fling To Rule Them All

Book Review

One Fling to Rule Them All (The Games of Love, #2)

Title: One Fling to Rule Them All
Author: Deanna Dee 
Rating: ★★
Date Published: June 9, 2015
Publisher: Self Published
Page Count: 178
Genre: New Adult Contemporary 
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It began with the forging of a great friendship.

For three months, Lydia Bell has watched Craig, her best friend and the love of her life, be in a happy relationship with someone else. But she’s over it. Or thinks she is until she hears Craig’s voice on the phone. Desperate to put her romantic feelings behind, she joins her roommates for a night out. Maybe she'll meet someone.

And meet someone she does—a guy named Scott, who looks a lot like Craig. Despite their awkward introduction, flaming arrows fly, and soon Lydia is running off the dance floor to get away from feelings she shouldn't have. So much for getting over Craig, and so much for Scott.

Until Monday morning, that is. Turns out Scott goes to her school. Worse, they share a class. As if that’s not weird enough, Scott is also trying to get over someone. To help both Lydia and himself, he proposes a fling, and reluctantly, Lydia agrees. Now she just has to hope this fling rules and doesn't crash into a fiery mountain.

My Thoughts:

The author was kind enough to send me an Ecopy of her book in exchange for an honest review! I absolutely loved this book; I had a goofy grin throughout the whole thing. 

Our main character Lydia has been in love with her childhood friend Craig, but he has a girlfriend; Scott is in love with Cath and she doesn't seem to be interested. One night Lydia decides to go out to club with her roommates and is there where she bumps into Scott who turns out to be in one of her classes. When she bumps into Craig and Molly she fibs and tells them there is more than friendship between her and Scott. When Scott sees that Lydia and himself are in similar situations he proposes they have a fling to try and get over Cath and Craig. 

I adored this book! I felt that both Scott and Lydia's situation was very relatable; who hasn't been in love at one point in their lives, knowing the other person doesn't share the same feelings. I loved the author's writing style it just kept me turning pages; I also really liked the character development both Lydia's and Scotts. I just want to take a moment to ask the author, where I can find myself a Scott?! He was absolutely perfect so swoon worthy! I would love to read more books about Lydia and Scott in the future. I also really enjoyed how the author wove in a game similar to Dungeons and Dragons it made the book so different from other contemporaries and even more enjoyable. The unexpected twist she hit me with really took me by surprise,I didn't see it coming. Overall I loved, loved this book! Everyone needs to pick it up is such a fast, fluffy read that everyone will enjoy. There is a book before this one, but is a companion and does not have to be read before this one.



  1. Well, as soon as I know where to find a Scott, I'll let you know so we can clone him. :)

    1. I'll be patiently waiting! I hope the third book is about Sonya and Parker! I really need to get my hands on the first one too!

    2. Book 3 is Sonya's book. As to who she ends up with...