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Voice of Innocence

Book Review

Voice of Innocence

Title: Voice of Innocence
Author: Lindsay Detwiler
Rating: ★★
Date Published: February 26,2015
Publisher: Melange Books
Page Count: 252
Genre: Contemporary
Meet The Author: Lindsay Detwiler


We've all heard the saying: you never forget your first love. For some, however, perhaps the better terminology is haunted---haunted with the memories, the connections, and the life-changing relationship. So begins the tale of Emma Ranstein and Corbin Jones, two typical teenagers who travel the road of first love together, hearts sealed by a seemingly impenetrable bond. When Corbin Jones is convicted of murder and faces years in prison for a crime he didn't commit, though, their love is put to the test. As Emma and Corbin await his release from prison decades later, both reflect on the power of a relationship neither has gotten over. Their unique story speaks to a universal heartstring within all of us: how do we move on past a first love if we aren't meant to do so? More importantly, it reminds us that there is hope if the heart leads the way

My Thoughts:

The author was kind enough to send me a copy of Voice of Innocence in exchange for an honest review. Wow! This book was so different from the usual contemporaries I read and I really enjoyed it.

Emma and Corbin meet in art class and can't help but feel a click, they become good friends and later that friendship blossoms into something more. They have that perfect relationship that everyone envies, but wishes they had; until that horrible day where both are forced to grow up way too soon and they're dreams for a life together are destroyed.

This book was something else, but in a good way I enjoyed it so much and towards the end I just wanted more of Emma's and Corbin's story; I just couldn't get enough of it. I really liked that the book was told mostly in memories of both Emma and Corbin it made me understand the deep love they shared and it made me feel the pain and anger they went through the day he was convicted. All I could think throughout the book was how can life be so unfair to Corbin he didn't deserve the card he was dealt, but unfortunately sometimes life is unfair that way; I really loved his character the way he was towards Emma and the things he would do for her he was just perfection. I also really felt for Emma I wouldn't know what to do if I was in her shoes, she was such a strong character. I really hope there's a sequel for this book because this girl right here needs more. I recommend this book to all contemporary lovers or if you just want to have a good cry. I would love to see this book be turned into a movie; I would definitely pay to watch that.


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