Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Breathe In

Book Review

Breathe In  (Just Breathe, #1)

Title: Breathe In
Author: Martha Sweeney
Rating: ★★★★
Date Published: May 15, 2015
Publisher: Kralik Consultants LLC
Page Count: 474
Genre: Adult Romance 18+
Meet The Author: Martha Sweeney
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I have eight golden rules when it comes to men: 
1. No dating or going out on dates.
2. Never let them know where I live. Lie if I must.
3. Never pick up a guy in a particular social setting that I may frequently attend. Or, never sleep with a man whom I have the chance of running into on a regular basis.
4. Never have a guy over to my apartment for any reason. My gay best friends are the only exceptions.
5. Always end things before a guy starts to want more.
6. Always use protection.
7. Never sleep over at their place after sex. Once we’ve finished, or in most cases, they’ve finished, dress and leave.
8. Always have more than one exit strategy.

Orphaned at age sixteen, Emma, now twenty-four, has complete control of her life. She is a private, successful business woman who owns two companies and uses men for sex. When Emma’s sexual itch arises, and there are no possible male suitors to fill her need, she finds alternative means. Emma keeps most people at a distance, especially the men she has sex with, except her two best friends, Maggie and Jared. She adheres to her eight golden rules that keep her in complete control — rules that she started after having sex with the first man. Rules that keep her guarded, safe and free — but then, along came Joe Covelli.

Please note: There are sexually explicit scenes F/M and F/F/M

My Thoughts:

Wow! Just WOW! This books that ending. Oh, Martha you are killing me woman. Emma is a very successful woman and knows exactly what she wants and a boyfriend is not on the list. She has a very specific set of rules and she has never broken them that is, until she meets Joe Covelli who is making it almost impossible for Emma to stick to her rules.

I really enjoyed this book it kept me up to the wee hours of the night! I just could not put it down! I loved Martha's way of writing, she describes everything so vividly and thoroughly it makes you appreciate the book even more. I loved the diversity and the complexity of the characters it made them that more real and easier to connect with. Emma was such a strong independent woman that takes crap from no one! I loved her character; I'm glad that we got a glimpse to some of her background and saw how she overcame her past and became a successful business woman. Joe, Oh Joe, move over Grey because here comes the amazing Joe Covelli! I really loved his character and the way he was so patient with Emma and never pushed or got mad when she said no. I also feel for Joe! That ending was brutal, I'm glad I have the second book to start it right away.   I really liked how Martha made both Emma and Joe successful is not your typical millionaire finds a young college grad kind of thing that we see in most books. Another thing I really enjoyed was all the Chinese culture that was written throughout the book, I learned so many new things and I loved it! 

Overall I really enjoyed this book and can't wait to get on with the second one and find out what happens between Joe and Emma. If you are looking for an adult romance with some steamy scenes, a strong, successful woman, or you're just looking for your new book boyfriend, look no further this is the one.


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  1. Wow! Thank you for taking the time to read Breathe In. I'm so glad that you've enjoyed it! Apologies (kind of) for the cliffy. I hope you like Breathe Out just as much. . . much more revealed about Emma and Joe. I promise! :)