Monday, June 22, 2015

Uppercase YA Subscription Box

Subscription Box Review

I recently subscribed to Uppercase; Uppercase is a young adult subscription box. There is several different price ranges for the subscription boxes; they have The Book Exclusive seventeen dollars, it comes with a recently published book, signed bookplate, exclusive author content, uppercase reader interactive experience. The Expert Pick twenty three dollars it comes with a recently published book, a bookplate, exclusive author content, Uppercase reader interactive experience and some bookish items or accessories. The last but not least is The Personalized box it's twenty nine dollars this one has a book chosen by your interests, comes with a personal note explaining the choice the author content is not included in this package; the prices above do not include shipping, shipping is an extra six dollars.

I went with The Book Exclusive box; I just felt that it was a little more economic for me. I'm so glad that I decided to subscribe! I don't buy many new releases so; this box will guarantee I at least get one a month also when I got the box it was like Christmas in June. When I opened the box I was surprised that it came with a scarf and some book emoji stickers since I was only expecting the book and that was just extra points for uppercase! I recommend this subscription to people that don't buy new releases as soon as they come out because if you get a book you already have unfortunately Uppercase doesn't swap them yet. 

I'm definitely keeping this subscription. I love it! I feel like it's the only one that has several price options for their subscribers. I had been looking for a YA book subscription box for a while and I'm glad I finally found one; now every month is going to feel like Christmas! If you have any questions about Uppercase leave them on the comments below.  There is a Link on top if you would like to subscribe! 


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