Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Divide

Book Review

The Divide (Dreamland #2)

Title: The Divide (Dreamland #2)
Author: E.J. Mellow
Date Published: October 15, 2015
Publisher: Four Eyed Owl
Genre: NA Fantasy
Page Count: 392
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Molly finally uncovers the truth about the strange dreams that plagued her sanity for weeks. Now destined to accept a clandestine role, Molly must find the strength and courage buried deep to push forward and succeed.

With the help of Dev, the roguish blue-eyed man of her dreams—whose dark past resurfaces to haunt him—Molly prepares to test the limits of her newly awakened powers and set right a world on the edge of being consumed by nightmares.

But when an unknown shadow stalks her every step and a shocking revelation about her ancestry comes to light, Molly may find herself forced to make a decision that could leave her alone in the dark and standing on the wrong side of a divide.

My Thoughts:

The author was very kind and sent me a copy of her novel in exchange for an honest review.

I never thought that I could fall in love with these characters and world more than I already was and oh, boy did E.J. Mellow prove me wrong! I can’t get this amazing book out of my head I just keep wanting to pick it up and reread it and go through all those amazing scenes and feelings all over again.  Molly finally uncovered the secret of her strange dreams and with the help of Dev she has to learn to control her new found powers and learn about the new strange world she is destined to save.

Gosh, this book was all I was expecting it to be and more. E.J.'s world building is amazing you feel like you can close your eyes and step into Terra to meet all the amazing characters she has created. I really liked that we got to learn more about Dev and his past, it helped me understand him so much better and fall so much harder for him. I loved Molly's character development in this book it really shows how strong she is physically and mentally. E.J. Mellow took me in an emotional roller-coaster that I still refuse to get off of. This book is so different from any book I've ever read and I absolutely love that; E.J. has created a world that I wish I could walk into and characters I wish I could pull off the pages. I love everything about this series and I can't wait to have the third book in my hands. If you have yet to pick this series up, I highly recommend it! The first book “The Dreamer" was on my top favorite reads of last year and I know this year has just begun, but “The Divide" is already on my top favorite reads of this year! 


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  1. I couldn't help but notice this beautilful cover! I am glad you enjoyed reading it! :)