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Blog Tour: Tales From the Front 05 & Giveaway

Tales from the Front

When the ever amazing Elise Kova contacted me ask me if I wanted to be a part of this very unique and awesome blog tour, I didn't even need to think about it I immediately said yes! I'm so excited to share this piece of the puzzle with ya'll! If you have not read the first two books in the "Air Awakens" series I highly recommend them! Since my piece of the puzzle is the 5th one I will add the links to the other pieces on the bottom.  

What Is Tales from the Front?

Tales from the Front is a series of notes, alternate POV chapters, and other teasers that take place from just before the end of Fire Falling (Air Awakens, #2) to the beginning of Earth’s End (Air Awakens, #3). They are being sent out at random with the idea that bloggers and readers can ban together to put the puzzle pieces together to find out a different side to the story and uncover truths about the characters.
Bloggers and readers are invited to re-post information so long as they link back to the individual who posted it originally. In fact, this is generally encouraged, as it’ll help connect all the pieces! You never know who will be receiving information and when.

Exclusive POV:

Tiberium Solaris, Emperor, conqueror, sat completely vexed as to what his next move was going to be. There were a few things that bothered him above all others: insubordination, loss of control, and anything that called into question his authority. The girl was all three personified and given a power that she barely comprehended the depth of, to top it all off.
He rubbed his temples in frustration. It was becoming more appealing by the day to outright kill her. It was well within his right. No, the Emperor left his tent, needing to stretch his legs. He couldn’t kill her. The future of his campaigns and plans depended on her. He’d invested too much now to find another.
The camp was a shoddy setup, but he’d seen worse. He’d lived through worse. Tiberium folded his hands at the small of his back, gripping them tightly, and started for a tent with two guards posted on either side.
“Just the woman I was looking for,” he spoke as Elecia Ci’Dan emerged. It spared him going in and facing the weakness that festered under the camouflaged canvas.
Two emerald eyes faltered in surprise under his pressing gaze. Elecia Ci’Dan made herself out to be a Western princess in her mind and he would never allow that sort of thinking to flourish in his presence. Especially now, not after he suspected her involvement in the Windwalker’s flight. She was making a dangerous choice in where she stood and she would know it.
“Report,” Tiberium demanded.
“No change.” The girl looked askance in a cheap display of servitude, but it was servitude.
“How much longer can you maintain?”
“I need more medicine, other skilled clerics, I could provide you a list,” she answered stubbornly. Her demand was thinly veiled and the Emperor could hardly believe that she’d have the audacity to harp upon it now of all times.
“Have you not already provided a list?” The Emperor took a step forward and dropped his voice so only the girl could hear. The flash of panic in her emerald eyes confirmed everything. “Was it just you and the Windwalker conspiring?”
Elecia’s eyes darted toward a group of sorcerers. Reale, the Emperor thought, he should have known she would be involved. The woman was practically a zealot for those with magic. Tiberium would not tolerate loyalty to anything beyond him and his Empire. Variables that compromised absolute power were kindling, and revolutions sparked too easily.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about, my lord.” Elecia looked at him defiantly. Let the girl have her defiance for now, she’d told him everything he needed to know.
“I think you do.” Tiberium relished in her momentary panic. She would learn her lesson from this before the day was out. “For you were part of the council that supported the idea of my sending the Windwalker.”
“This is what you will tell the soldiers, when they ask where their hero-” he bit out the word, “-has gone.”
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  1. :D Yay!! And wow, amazing giveaway!!

  2. Omg the supplies list! This clue goes with the supplies list! He gave it to Elecia!

    1. OMG, I didn't even think about that lol. I'm really hoping all those supplies are to help Aldrik recover.

  3. I am praying Aldrick isn't dead...

    1. I think he isn't. I think the medicine is for him and that's why she is asking for more clerics. I'm really hoping its's for him.

  4. Well I'm a bit more conflicted now, I had thought he wasn't but now I'm hoping that with the medicine it hints that he is alive.

  5. The supply list! Aha! And wait, what? Does the emperor plans to kill Vhalla? *gasp in horror*

    - Erika @ The Nocturnal Fey

  6. Danielle L. Jensen is reading the first book in the series right now! I saw it on Goodreads. :)
    I didn't start it yet so I won't enter your giveaway (although the cover is beautiful and swag is what I always like to get), I think it would be fair if someone who's a fan ends up as a winner.

  7. The supply list! I hope this means Aldrick's alive, because I'll literally cry if he isn't! I was wondering since Aldrick and Vhalla share their abilities because of the bond, does that mean Aldrick can be healed with Crystals like Vhalla was in Air Awakens....

  8. AHHH!I hope Alrick makes it!!!

  9. AHHH!I hope Alrick makes it!!!

  10. I agree with the others that Alrick is/has to be alive!!