Monday, December 21, 2015

The Harvesters

Book Review

The Harvesters (Harvesting #1)

Title: The Harvesters
Author: Ashley Hill
Publish Date: November 28, 2012
Page Count: 29
Genre: Horror
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When she finds her boyfriend shackled to a white metal table Ashley fears for the worst.

On a small road trip of dropping off a package for Jason’s father, the young couple never thought they would be running for their lives. Running away from supposedly friends whom in turn to be a family of harvesters. 

Human harvesters and they're looking for something specific. And Ashley just might be the perfect match.

My Thoughts:

I was sent an Ecopy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.

I love anything horror, but I'm more into the paranormal horror than the gruesome horror with that said when Ashley Hill contacted me and I read the synopsis I was very intrigued with the story and being twenty-nine pages I took a chance on it and I'm so glad I did. We're thrown into the action right away, Ashley and her boyfriend went to deliver a package to some of his fathers "friends" but the next thing they know they find themselves fighting for their lives. I was at the edge of my seat the whole time reading this when I finished reading I was a little disappointed not because the book was bad, but because I wanted more! This short story has the potential of being a full novel! I do believe that the author Ashley is releasing several more short stories about this and I can’t wait to read them! Especially with that ending!   


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