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The Wishing Stone and Other Myths Learned on Gull Cliff Island

The Wishing Stone and Other Myths Learned on Gull Cliff Island

Title: The Wishing Stone and Other Myths Learned on Gull Cliff Island
Author: J.M. Lavalle
Date Published: July 3, 2014
Publisher: Morning Rain Publishing
Page Count: 112
Rating: ★★★


Please, she thought to the stone, let there be a best friend for me in that boat. Let it be so and I'll set you free, and toss you back with the tides where you belong.

If Dot wishes hard enough on her special stone, maybe the world will slow down and be a little less topsy-turvy. When Dot tossed her wish into the sea, hoping for a friend her age, the stone brought her Sarah. And when the girls worried for the health of Sara’s mother, it made her healthy, and brought Sara her precious Pearl. 

It’s 1961, and Dot is teetering between childhood and adolescence. At the same time, her rustic world is catching up with the modern towns in the rest of Canada and Dot isn't sure how she feels about that. Dot enjoys having both a winter and summer home, and knowing every face in three villages. If more changes come, will that mean more people and more noise will come with them? 

The Wishing Stone & Other Myths, Lessons Learned on Gullcliff Island will take both children and adults back in time through eleven-year-old Dot, a traditional girl coping with her father’s dream of becoming a boat-builder and the realization that Mum and Dad are people with thoughts, emotions, and secrets apart from the family. Alongside her adventurous best friend, Sara, Dot must make ready for the future, whether it be on Gullcliff, in Aylmer Sound, or someplace out of her father’s dream. 

Like Little House on the Prairie, or Anne of Green Gables, The Wishing Stone & Other Myths will take readers to a time and place where big dreams didn’t mean finding fame, but listening to the heart

My Thoughts:

This book was send to me by the author for review, but that in no way affect my review on this book. This is my honest review.

I really enjoyed this book it was a quick and adorable read. The author takes you back to the 1960's, where our main character Dot is in the middle of childhood and adolescence in her rustic world that is catching up with the modern towns. 

This book really makes you think what is that you want to do with your life and if you want to follow your dreams. I really loved the message our main character is trying to send, which is to follow your dreams, to always be yourself  and to not hide the real you from others. I also really enjoyed the relationship Dot and her cousin Sara shared it took me back to my childhood and the way Lavalle described the mother and father relationship was just adorable.

I really do recommend people to read this lovely book it's a quick read with only 112 pages and the message it sends to readers of all ages is really great.


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