Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Anna's Way Release Day!!!!

Anna’s Way (Ditch Lane Diaries 2)

Anna's Way

Author: D.F. Jones
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What Anna's Way is About:

It's a pinch of City of Angels with a smidgen of Constantine and a dash of Michael. The Ditch Lane Diaries begins in 1977 and follows three childhood friends (Anna, Ruby and Sandy) from college to adulthood. Love and joy, heartache and tears, held in the hands of destiny by divine supernatural forces and powers. A healer, a dreamer and a soul reader on life's journey of discovery to true love and how to use their divine gifts.
A splelunking adventure changes Anna’s life forever. She receives the ability to heal through a divine power and meets her guardian angel, Ralph, who teaches her how to use her gift. Anna's power grows stronger with every passing year as does her drive to become a doctor. When Anna receives an out of state scholarship for medical school, her love for Jerry has her torn. She has been in love with Jerry for most of her life. Does she pursue her dream, her divine calling at the risk of losing true love?
The Ditch Lane Diaries is a paranormal romance that includes angels and demons with metaphysical and visionary elements fighting an angelic war over Earth’s humans. The many twists and turns give the reader plenty to contemplate over life choices. The Ditch Lane Diaries is for readers Adults 18+ and trending Women 35+ with a medium heat level.

Interview with the Author

           When do you write and how often?  
I write either in the morning 7-9 am or from 9 pm-12 midnight. I’m a night owl. I’m most productive at night. There are times when I write all day long when the mood hits me. But, as I rule, I write two to three hours a day. Any more than that and you risk burnout.

     Can you tell us about your current work in progress? 
Sandy’s Story is the third installment of the Ditch Lane Diaries, coming this fall. Sandy has a secret that no one else knows except her guardian angel, Baldric the Warrior. The storyline delves into the growing relationship between Sandy, the clairvoyant or soul reader and Baldric the Warrior and the rules of Heaven that prevent them from being together.

  What inspires you to write? 
Music. Anna’s Way starts in 1977 and takes the girls to the middle 1980’s. I made playlists on Spotify for Ruby’s Choice and Anna’s Way. The readers may just click the link below to listen to Anna'a Way by DF Jones Author

     What’s your favorite item on your writing desk? 
Photos of my smiling sons.

 What’s your favorite genre and why? 
Paranormal Romance, Fantasy with metaphysical and visionary elements. I also like writing about Time Travel.

Any advice for those who want to write or new authors? 
I still consider myself as a newbie. It is important to cultivate friendships with other authors. I have met so many wonderful authors. I know a lot more now than I did last July when my debut novel, Ruby’s Choice went live. I made the decision to self-publish. It’s important to research. Join writer’s groups. Attending writing workshops. Write daily and never give up. See your story through until the end.  Whether it’s a napkin or my IPhone, I have pages and pages of notes. Do not allow any negative comments or reviews to stop you. I love my books and I want readers to love them. However, I know everyone will not like my books. In the end, it’s my book and I love them!

      What do you do when you are not writing? 
What do you do for fun? I love spending time with my family and friends. Whether its going concerts, restaurants or football games. Laughter is the key to happiness. I try to live by my mom’s motto, it’s better to laugh than cry.

What else would you like to share with your readers?
 Life passes by in an instant. Be happy in life. Don’t let the darkness and negativity get you down. My new tagline line that I sign in my books, “May love light the way.” Corny maybe, but I like corn!

Advice From the Author for Aspiring Writers

Advice for those who want to write or new authors
 It is important to cultivate friendships with other authors. They have been where you are now. Write daily and never give up. See your story through until the end. Anytime I get an idea I write it down. Whether it’s a napkin or my IPhone. I have thousands of pages of notes. I came by this quote, the writer is unknown, but it has stuck with me “Get it written, then get it right!”
If you are going to self-publish find a good editor, proofreader and formatter. Hire a professional to design your cover.  
Editor: A good editor will make or break your book. You don’t have to stay with an editor or a publisher if you are uncomfortable with their feedback or lack of feedback. Read the fine print of any contract. If your gut is telling you something isn’t right, trust it and move on. Writer’s Beware is a site which offers insights on individuals and companies that do not have good reputations. Review this site!
You need to find an editor that works in your genre. It’s important to relate well with your editor. If it doesn’t work or your stressing about it, look for someone else.
Beta Readers: During your second pass find Beta Readers They’re a godsend. Listen to their comments. If you have two or three beta’s saying the same thing, then it is a good rule of thumb to revisit your manuscript for a tweak.
Proofreader and formatter: You may want to find a good proofreader after your manuscript has finished its last pass. By the time you make it through your third pass, your brain has a tendency to auto correct mistakes. My brain auto corrects in any pass….And then lastly, find a good formatter. You want your manuscript to be polished. An editor, proofreader and formatter will help you accomplish your goals.
Bookcover and marketing. Hire a professional. If you are not a designer, then don’t design your book. If you want to be taken serious, then have a seriously professional book cover, website and even social media ads.
Once you’re book is published, don’t rest on your laurels. Start writing again even if you only write scenes. Remember, not everyone will like what you write, at the end of the day, it is your book. As long as you love it and you’re happy, then someone out there will love it too.


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