Thursday, July 27, 2017

My Dream Reading Space & Library

While I was scrolling through  Arhaus a couple of days ago, I was inspired to write a post describing my dream reading space! I don't know why it didn't come to me sooner! I think all bookworms occasionally imagine the perfect reading space, so I'm so excited to share mine with you all!

I've always told my husband that when we finally get our home, it must have an extra room which will be our reading space and library! I can't tell you how many times I've looked for the perfect sofa, lighting and the most important item to any bookworm’s space bookshelves! I have fell in and out of love with so many, but enough babbling and let’s get to it. 

My reading room must have a large window, where light can shine in through the day. So, I can read without artificial light when it is sunny, and watch the rain when storms roll in! I just love rainy days, and think they are perfect for reading; love to see and hear the rain as I read. The picture below is exactly what I am talking about. Picture found on google!

Image result for room with large windows

As a Beauty and the Beast fanatic and a bookworm, one of my all-time favorite scenes is when Beast shows and gifts Belle his library! I've always wanted one of those beautiful classic shelves that have the ladder, just in case you can't reach those top shelves. I found the perfect one on the Arhaus website! This shelf would look beautiful!!! There is one that takes up the whole wall and it is perfection! I could not find a picture, but click here and it will take you right to it! 

Now on to the sofa that I would put in front or near to window! There is so many sofas, but for me it would just have to be comfy, somewhere I could sit for hours, and not have to be changing positions. It would also have to match my theme or it would drive me nuts!!! I found the perfect sectional sofa on the Arhaus website, they had so many, but this one was my favorite! you can check out their sectional collection here to pick one you would like!  There is just so many ways one can sit on a sectional and get lost in a book, it also does not hurt that is gorgeous! 

Lighting is something essential for a library! I know that the large window will provide light during the day, but we will still need light for those late nights, when we can't put that book down, or those gorgeous rainy days! Guys, I am drooling over these lights they are gorgeous! picture was found on pinterest

A room is nor complete without a rug, where I can lay just in case I am not feeling the couch! This rug caught my eye first and I feel like it brings my room together! It’s so beautiful! you can find it here.

Image result for SKU: 33701APU108

This was so much fun!!!! I really enjoyed sharing my dream reading space with everyone! Looking at furniture was also fun! I would love to read what you would add in your room or how it will look. Let me know on the comment section! Doing these made me excited for when I get to shop for my reading space! 


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