Thursday, April 6, 2017

Seat 2A

Book Review

Seat 2A

Title: Seat 2A
Author: Dela
Release Date: March 27, 2017
Publisher: Createspace 
Genre: Contemporary
Page Count: 340
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When Jessie Evans, a Georgia Southern University cheerleader, leaves for her best friend’s wedding the last thing she expects is for the seat next to her to be taken. After all, she’d only canceled Seat 2A hours prior after catching her boyfriend cheating. 

Kendal Vargas, son of a Spanish emigrant fashion guru, is on his way to Whistler for a “mancation”. Running to buy a neck pillow before his flight, Kendal bumps into Jessie Evans. Kendal is in a hurry. Kendal does not stop to help her. Kendal forgot his neck pillow and the plane is about to leave and hey—who could travel without a neck pillow?

Charmed by Jessie’s beauty, and watching her board his very plane, Kendal takes a whim and changes his seat to one he hopes would be next to her. Jessie ignores Kendal’s attempt to be chatty but when their connecting flight gets canceled overnight, the pair has a chance to make a real connection.

Seven years later, Jessie bumps into Kendal in the produce aisle of a Portland grocery store. No neck pillow is involved, except there is a beautiful little girl who looks just like him. Fate has given them another shot but will Kendal’s whims keep them apart?

My Thoughts:

I was sent an ARC by the author in exchange for an honest review.

I have been looking for a good contemporary read to get me out my reading slump and Dela's Seat 2A did the job. Jessie and Kendal were such fun characters and I really enjoyed reading their story! The way Jessie and Kendal meet is so different from previous novels I have read and I really enjoyed it. Jessie is headed to her best friend’s wedding and the seat next to her is supposed to be empty, Kendal is on his way to his "mancation" and when he sees Jessie, he decides to change seats to be next to her. I really liked the way they met and that they kept bumping into each other while on their vacation, I also found it very interesting that they both decided to give fake names, it made it more interesting. While on his way to meet Jessie Kendal gets an emergency call and has to leave without giving Jessie notice. Kendal looks and looks for Jessie to no avail until one day they bump into each other at the grocery and things get super interesting.

Both Jessie and Kendal are great characters, I especially fell in love with Kendal and he is now one of my top five book boyfriends! His character development throughout the book is so well written! I really liked how Dela wrote him, he wasn’t your typical perfect character and he had flaws, which made him even that more loveable and real. Jessie was a very relatable character; she was always playing it safe and thinking ahead, while Kendal lived without thinking about the future. That’s why Kendal and Jessie are perfect; they bring the best out of each other. Dela made me laugh, cry and had me at the edge of my seat at times! The steamy scenes were perfect and they weren’t used as fillers, they were just the perfect amount and let me tell you they. were. HOT. Oh, and don’t get me started on the ending! It was just perfect! I overall really enjoyed this book and I'm really hoping Dela decides to write more about this two because I will be the first in line to get it!


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