Monday, February 1, 2016

One Fling to Rule Them All and Pair of Dice Lost Valentines Sale!

Valentine’s Sale

Hello my lovely followers one of my good author friend is having a Valentine's Sale on two of her books! Below you will find the covers, blurbs and links as well as her author bio! Go check them out! I really enjoyed " One Fling to Rule Them All' So, I ca't wait to read more from her! 

One Fling to Rule Them All (The Games of Love, #2)
Only 99c from Feb 1-7!

Title: One Fling to Rule Them All (The Games of Love, #2)
Author: Deanna Dee
Publisher: self-published
Genre: chick lit/romantic comedy

Pages: 184


For three months, Lydia Bell has watched Craig, her best friend and the love of her life, be in a happy relationship with someone else. But she’s over it. Or thinks she is until she hears Craig’s voice on the phone. Desperate to put her romantic feelings behind, she joins her roommates for a night out. Maybe she’ll meet someone.

And meet someone she does—a guy named Scott, who looks a lot like Craig. Despite their awkward introduction, flaming arrows fly, and soon Lydia is running off the dance floor to get away from feelings she shouldn’t have. So much for getting over Craig, and so much for Scott.

Until Monday morning, that is. Turns out Scott goes to her school. Worse, they share a class. As if that’s not weird enough, Scott is also trying to get over someone. To help both Lydia and himself, he proposes a fling, and reluctantly, Lydia agrees. Now she just has to hope this fling rules and doesn’t crash into a fiery mountain.

Free Feb 3-5!

Title: Pair of Dice Lost (A Games of Love Expansion Pack)
Author: Deanna Dee
Genre: romantic comedy, short story, Valentine’s Day
Length: 32 pages


Of man’s first misplacements…
Lydia is getting ready for a perfect Valentine’s Day with Scott, touring the Lord of the Rings exhibit at the Museum of Science. Everything’s great, except she can’t find the decorative D6s she got him. And he’ll be there any second!

Author Bio!

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