Monday, October 6, 2014

My So-Called Death

Title: My-So Called Death
Author: Stacey Jay
Page Count: 214
Publish Date: 10/7/2014
Rating: ★★★★★

Just because you don't have a pulse doesn't mean you can't be perky.One second, freshman Karen Vera's on top of the most fabulous cheer pyramid ever. The next, she's lying on the pavement with seriously unflattering cranial damage. Freakishly alive without a pulse, Karen learns that she's a genetically undead zombie.

Suddenly, Karen's non-life is an epic disaster. She's forced to attend a boarding school for the "death-challenged," her roommate is a hateful wannabe-Goth weirdo, and she's chowing down on animal brains every day to prevent rot (um, ew?). Even worse, someone is attacking students and harvesting their brains for a forbidden dark ritual. And it might be the hottest guy at DEAD High, the one who makes Karen's non-beating heart flutter!

Armed with a perky smile and killer fashion sense, it's up to Karen to track down the brain snatcher and save her fellow students from certain zombie death.


I got the arc of this lovely book from Stacey Jay it's being relaunched on October 7th.
When Karen Vera was in a cheerleader freak accident. the last thing she expects is to end up in a school for the death challenged aka zombies. To make matters worse someone has been killing zombies in her new school, and Karen has taken it upon herself to find the murderer. This book was soooooo good, I loved it! Stacey is brilliant! just when I thought I had discovered who the murderer was Stacey changed it up on me. I loved that I couldn't predict who it was just made the mystery so much better. This book is a combination of mystery and comedy sprinkled with just the right touch of romance. If you're in the mood of a fun light read, that will keep you guessing, I recommend you pick up this awesome book!

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