Friday, August 22, 2014

The Mortal Instruments City of Bones Movie!

I just watched The City of Bones movie and wanted to discuss it and get opinions from you guys! first of all who in the world wrote the script, the movie was so far off from the book, you would think they would try to keep it true to the book, since most of the people going to go watch the movie have already read the book. I was happy with most of the casting except for Jace what in the world where they thinking. Don't get me wrong Jamie Campbell is a great actor, but I just don't think he was the right person to play Jace. Another thing that ticked me off was Valentines appearance, I always pictured him as clean cut and in the movie he had all this craziness going on lol. But the movie wasn't all that bad, the character I was the happiest with was Magnus Bane I think they hit right in the nail in casting Godfrey Gao to play Magnus. In my opinion this movie could have been so much better they changed to much. I read that City of ashes was on hold because the director dropped out from the film, in any case hopefully its a good thing and they new director stays true to the book. What is your opinion on this movie? did you love or hate it?


  1. I read every single one of your post, and I totally agree about Jace, but he seemed sexy to me at times.

    1. Aww your so sweet! He did but I just think he should be hotter lol maybe he will grow on me like Edward